Space&Matter was commissioned by private clients to design a row house in the new Amsterdam neighborhood, Buiksloterham. The design of the house consists of two parts; the front part, which hosts a work space and shop and the back part, which provides living space. The two units are connected by a kitchen and patio. The patio provides a desirable amount of daylight, whilst large sliding doors offer easy access from the kitchen and dining room to the outside space.

Since the budget was limited, prefabricated concrete was chosen as the building system. The attractive appearance of the unfinished concrete walls made it possible to reduce costs on finishing. The rough character is counterbalanced by wooden windows, stairs and kitchen worktops. The contrast between the materials gives the interior additional warmth.


To ensure an comfortable climate throughout, several innovative installations are utilised. A water buffer is installed underneath the ground floor, which uses stored heat provided by the sun and the inhabitants. Photovoltaics on the rooftop harness energy from the sun. Fresh air is provided through natural flow integrated in the façade. Every room is provided with a CO2-guided unit to circulate and refresh the air. In order to balance the interior climate a layer of high-value insulation is applied, which reaches its maximum efficiency in the form of a roof garden. This allows for the homeowner to enjoy the park in front of their home from a private space, while the interior remains well balanced.


In order to benefit most from the placement of the park at the front, large openings within the facade provide a wide-angle view of the surroundings. This is realized through a series of portals constructed out of white painted brick. By using different masonry bonds for each portal, the stacking of floors is emphasized and an intriguing façade arises. The look and feel of the home is strengthened by the choice of the window frames, which are made from an unfinished sustainable wood composite that requires little maintenance and no finishing.





Amsterdam, BuiksloterhamY


Under construction


BVR Bouw Roosendaal
ATB Leerbroek
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