City Sourcing

Schoonschip is an Amsterdam based building group. This diverse group aims to develop and build their own sustainable floating neighbourhood in Amsterdam. In 2011 space&matter and Drijvend Duurzaam Wonen were asked to do a feasibility study on how to reach this goal. Within a few workshops with the group we defined the private and collective program, the constellation of the group and the sustainability ambition. Besides being the most sustainable neighbourhood in the Netherlands the group has significant social aspirations and wants to provide 20% social housing. The challenge of this project is to realise their very ambitious goals within a limited budget. 





In the first phase an urban plan, based on several spatial, financial and sustainability strategies, was designed in collaboration with the group. The main concept is based on the principle of a growing structure. In the beginning the group invests in their private floating houses and in a collective jetty. The collective amenities, such as playgrounds, gardens, offices and sport facilities will be built on floating pontoons by the group itself and can be added to the jetty in a later stage. This method saves money at the start and makes use of the flexibility of the water. The first phase was completed in December 2011. At this moment (q1-2012) Schoonschip is working hard on acquiring the water plot in the Van Hasseltkanaal in Amsterdam Noord, which has been announced as DIY plot by the municipality of Amsterdam.









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