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Crowd Building

There is almost 7 million square meters of vacant office space in the Netherlands today; approximately 17% of all available office space in Amsterdam was unoccupied in 2011. The platform CRWD BLDG approaches this mass vacancy through the design discipline. The platform enables architects to interact directly with large groups of end users, by linking the demand of future residents with the vacancy of existing properties, in a transparent way.

CRWD BLDG combines the functionality of Kickstarter with the social media component of Facebook. Reaching the quota of ‘likes’ in the given time frame allows for the project to proceed into Phase 2. With enough people showing interest, owners and developers can see the project potential. Similarly, with a clear idea of the amount of people interested in becoming future inhabitants; owners, developers and CPOs have a strong incentive to invest in the development of the project. A preliminary design is created and uploaded onto CRWD BLDG, where all committed members can view it and influence the final design; leaving questions, comments and concerns on CRWD BLDG. This way the design will be more community specific.





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