Fort Abcoude

Fort bij Abcoude is a national monument dating from 1885. It is part of the Amsterdam Waterline - a military defence line making use of intentional flooding - which served to protect the locks. With its new function, the fort would accommodate a wide variety of events and activities connecting public activity and local food.

The derelict fort would act as a public attraction: a place for food sampling, food experiments and an inspiring work location for entrepreneurs and local professionals. In short, FoodForFort offers the municipality of Ronde Venen and Natuurmonumenten a unique business card. 




Space&Matter has translated this ambition into a cohesive design, taking inspiration from the fort’s rich past. The new fort can be understood as a vast food market, integrating historical elements such as the inner fort, the barracks and the ammunition depot. The project brings together several local and regional activities; it forms a new type of public domain and has the potential to become a national attraction. 

The design makes the fort accessible to the local Abcoude community and offers an inspiring workspace for independent entrepreneurs and businessmen. This alternative work location would save commuting costs and time, while adding value to the area by establishing new regional connections. 









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