Markthal Food Center Amsterdam

In 2009, the Municipality of Amsterdam launched a tender to transform the Amsterdam Food Center into an enganging mixed-use district. Space&Matter took part in a consortium and developed a concept and sketch design for a temporary infill of the Central Market Hall. A temporary market will be installed while the construction work of the new building is in progress.

Space&Matter designed a magazine to accompany the tender document, in order to create a community spirit amongst the future and current tenants of the Markthal. The magazine contains interviews, recipes and glimpses of the future development. All of the layout, graphic design and illustrations were done in house at Space&Matter.


The market hall contains fresh food stalls and shop units, representing both locally and internationally based vendors and producers. The diverse cuisines range from fresh fish to cheese, from bargains to exclusive slow food. The building is set to feature permanent stalls and business-to-business units, as well as restaurants, a teaching kitchen, an events space and a hotel. The project’s main intention is to make the building very open and accessible to the public.  

The open hall is divided into two areas that are set at different heights and have different layouts. On the south side, a public space intended to encourage spontaneity and exchange, like a city square, is created. This comprises of vendor stalls, seating, temporary events and green areas. The north part of the hall is filled with greenhouses. The greenhouses are a lively public domain where meeting, sharing, trading, learning and experiencing food culture takes place. When the last stone is laid and the renovation is complete, the greenhouses can easily be removed. By then, the market hall will have filled many bellies and conquered many hearts. The new Food District is a healthy and above all tasteful future for the city. 







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