In the middle of a residential area in Zeist a former Milk factory is transformed into a residence for a private client. The strategy is as simple as effective: optimize the limited budget by bringing back the character and spatial qualities of the existing structure. The house is upgraded via three operations: The indoor space is extended into the courtyard; the living room and kitchen are integrated in the large industrial space; the first floor is transformed into sleeping rooms.

The first step is to convert part of the extensions to outdoor space. Due to the fact that the total required area for transformation was quite extensive, the roof of the annex building is removed to create a large enclosed courtyard and at the same time the volume to be renovated is reduced. This allowed a bigger budget for the living room and kitchen.

Ground floor

Ground floor


By restoring the old industrial steel window frames and opening up the kitchen and living room to the courtyard green and light is introduced in the monolithic volume. The layout of the living room, an integrated kitchen element breaks the large industrial space into an eating, playing and sitting zone, and emphasizes the relation with the courtyard. The former cooling room with its heavy walls and low lighting conditions is transformed into a cinema room. Finally, the 1st floor lab-areas with their steel frame and glass dividing walls are transformed into sleeping rooms by simply adding curtains to provide the necessary privacy and right atmosphere.



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