Object ONE

An open building with a structural system that allows for maximum diversity and flexibility throughout its lifespan

 "Confusion belongs to the Havenkwartier" — A quote from the price request documents that formed the starting point for the Smartframe design.

A simple structure is often the best basis for a development. Simplicity allowed us to approach the Object One process in both a flexible and structured manner.

The target group we have in mind is one that finds flexibility and diversity just as important as the house itself. The Smartframe must therefore contribute to their need for passion, creativity and self-development: a living environment where culture, community and entrepreneurship can blossom.

The base, in particular, had to be attractive and robust, with a solid construction that can carry the optimal flexibility for future residents.


Plot Types
Object One can best be described as a stack of free lots. Future residents can choose from three unit-types: single-layer units where a house of 2.80 meters of free height can be built, double-layer units for houses of 5.80 m free height or top-floor units with a sloping roof for solar panels. 

Free Layout
People are completely free to design and realize their own home within the Smartframe, helped along by their very own architect and construction party. They can also choose from a number of basic designs that are offered with a fixed construction price in various sizes and finishes by the development combination. These 'standard units' are delivered casco so that residents are free to make their interior as they want.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 16.04.02.png

To stimulate the vibrancy in the area, Space&Matter have introduced an elevated ground level on top of the parking box. By means of multifunctional stairs on both sides of the building, people have free access to this spacious wooden deck. From here, there are pleasant views over the water of the Havenkwartier. On the deck, there are fixed seats and a ping-pong / picnic table so that you can also eat outside during a rain shower.


An Open Building
By designing outdoor space along the corridors, we automatically create openness and light in the building. Irrespective of the residents’ home choices, we ensure a building that is green, open and playful.

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First prize

Hegeman Ontwikkeling
Phi Vastgoed BV
Lucassen bouwconstructies