The Amsterdam bridge control buildings are a reminder of the ideal of the city as a Gesamtkunstwerk. With their lovely and carefully designed structures they have a great appeal and enhance the Amsterdam cityscape.

 After more than a hundred years, Amsterdam’s bridge control buildings will become redundant. Because of advanced central operating systems, operating the bridges functions with far less bridge-men, the bridge houses have lost their former function. This heralds a new chapter in their history. What future awaits them and how to cherish them as valuable relics?

To preserve the value of the individual building and that of the ensemble as a whole space&matter teamed up with partners the Lloyd Hotel and Grayfield to transform the twenty-seven bridge-houses into hotel suites; a distributed hotel that spreads from the upper north, across the IJ River, to the south of Amsterdam.



With its streets, bars and restaurants, Amsterdam itself will take over the common hotel facilities with the bridge houses as its exclusive suites. Inside the Sweets (referring to the phonetical association with suites), its visitors will experience Amsterdam city-life from a new perspective. The views over the canals and the historical value of the bridge houses will create a memorable visit. Since all Sweets are next to the water, a water-taxi service will ensure the Sweet feeling starts as soon as you hop on at central station.

With its completion in 2017 Sweets will become a unique hospitality concept, never done before.


                         A design hotel spread throughout the city

                        A design hotel spread throughout the city

Never seen such a compelling project...
— Tracy Metz - NRC Handelsblad


2010 -



The Lloyd Hotel

Photography: Dieuwertje Komen