Rest in Greenpeace  

What better fits the committed Greenpeace spirit than devoting the hereafter to the ideal of a better world? What better way than offering those true partisans the ultimate act of eternal activism by embracing the most courageous gesture and radical devotion- Greenpeace’s first dedicated burial ground.

Building upon Britain’s proclaimed ‘best in the world’ graveyard heritage, the project concentrates on the actual social immovability of the undertaking rather then the physical immovability of an object. The proposal aids the resistance of evection predicated on the understanding that by law any graves less than 75 years old cannot be removed. The initiation of the project would secure the parcel from development close the 22nd century.

It is projected that 330 Greenpeace members will pass away annually. This project is designed to immediately facilitate those who embrace their last act as one of protest and insures them an active role in Greenpeace’s ongoing fight for environmental awareness.


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After all, resistance is not the action of a single entity but is more effective when done as a group. The first series of action that are undertaken on the site, by the local community and activist alike, are honored by incorporating them fully in the proposal. The planted and adopted Cox’s Orange Pippen trees flourish abundantly and the serene qualities of proposed site go hand in hand with the activities on the allotments and keeping the beehives. 

The site fully capitalizes on what the borough of Hillingdon describes as part of the Greenbelt, as well as an area of environmental opportunity. The serene quality safeguarded by its resisting inhabitants is the borough’s first natural ‘reserve’. It is tended by a small army of living volunteers who preserve the home of 27 species of butterfly, a rare bumblebee, woodpeckers, sparrowhawks and the elusive firecrest. 

By will, a request for burial at the Greenpeace site can become a positive and effective way of leaving the legacy of a healthy, peaceful planet for future generations. With each landing at Heathrow Airport incoming passengers can witness the effectiveness of a peaceful resistance. 







Specialist Operations

Commended for outstanding conceptual idea and tactic