Best Practice #excellente #e-cultuur

Space and matter is published in the book 'Best Practice #excellente #e-cultuur' published by the Virtueel Platform. The article by Martijn de Waal 'De rol van digitale media in stedelijk ontwerp' (The role of digital media in urban design) shows examples of how our office researches ways to incorporate virtual tools in design processes to manage multitudes and to encourage collectiveness.

Virtueel Platform is the sector institute for e-culture in the Netherlands. Its mission is to stimulate and strengthen cultural innovation by sharing knowledge about e-culture and increasing its visibility and scope.

Martijn de Waal is a writer and researcher. Together with Michiel de Lange, he co-founded The Mobile City; a research initiative and international network concerned with the role of digital technology in urban culture and urban design.

To download the publication go here (Dutch)