Glimpses NY Amsterdam

Space&matter will kick off their glimpse 'Dwelling' at the Provada on June 7th at 12:00. This event is hosted by Proper Stock (details here).

The opening of the "Glimpses" event is near. NY will launch on June 7th by a lecture of Ton Venhoeven. The dutch edition, organized by Arcam, will start June 17th and is on show for one month.

Some info:
Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040 presents an exchange program between the Center for Architecture in New York and the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture (ARCAM). The organizations commissioned architects and landscape architects in both cities to contemplate the “future of the future,” with an emphasis on five basic necessities for living: breathing, eating, making, moving and dwelling. Each glimpse is a powerful statement on the future of daily life in New York and Amsterdam. Combined, they provide insight into the way in which the cities may address long-term planning issues.

For detailed info check: AIA NY and ARCAM websites.