Winning proposal for Ceuvel Volharding Amsterdam

In collaboration with Marjolein Smeele, space&matter initiated a winning proposal for the Ceuvel Volharding plot in Amsterdam. The municipality of Amsterdam organized a competition to find a new temporal use (10yrs) for this former polluted shipyard site. In our proposal we up-cycled second hand houseboats to creative office space. All boats are docked at a twirling boardwalk that allows people to walk through the dense greens of the sanitizing garden. After ten years of use, all boats will drift off again while leaving the site a little cleaner...
Apart from creating this concept, we also brought together a team of fourteen creative entrepreneurs that will all initiate their individual project within the plan. Amongst them Nick van Loon; who brought the REM island to Amsterdam and will start a Bed&Breakfast in a former Greenpeace boat, Steven Delva (Delva Landscape); who will create a garden that sanitizes the polluted soil, Wouter Valkenier (Hannekes Boom); who will bring the succes of Hannekes Boom to Amsterdam Noord and Jan Huisman; who will bring back the site's original function by starting a sustainable shipyard.
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