Open Building Conference Beijing

Marthijn Pool talks at the 18th International Conference on Open Building in Beijing this November. He will discuss his paper Open Process-Open Building-Open City about open and interactive building and design processes that involve end users communities in an early stage.

Open Building is an approach to the design of buildings that is recognized internationally to represent a new wave in architecture, but a new wave with roots in the way ordinary built environment grows, regenerates and achieves wholeness. 

Socio-cultural and economic tendencies show an increased influence of consumers in the development process of residential real estate. This paper researches the motivation of individuals taking considerable responsibilities in the development process. To what extent does this result in an improved quality of architecture and urbanism? Sociological and anthropological insights in motivations of the individual will be reflected on architectural design and its process. This design process needs to adapt to the end user conditions and provide an Open Process and accessible OpenBuilding framework to interact with. The author has developed several methods for democratizing the architectural design process resulting in a more user specific architecture and urbanism. Besides the individual specificity, socio-cultural relations in communities and society are researched to provide tools for developing the Open City.

See conference website for more information.