We are very happy to announce that our project De Ceuvel is the winner of the Frame Public Award. De Ceuvel was nominated in the Habitat category. With the majority of the votes this was announced on Saturday, October 25th. During the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) exhibition, which is part of Dutch Design Week, people used the Voting Point to express their opinion regarding the best finalist of 2014.

We want to congratulate the whole Ceuvel team; Marjolein Smeele, Delva Landscape, Wouter Valkenier and all the others that contributed to this success. Thanks guys, big thumbs up!

Some words of the selection committee:
De Ceuvel gives the impression of a utopia that has actually been accomplished. Affordable accommodations and housing not only clean the site, but also lay a solid foundation in the form of a committed community. The project is strong because it originated from and is developed by a community. Only the framework conditions were outlined within which organizations and parties could develop their own plans.