SWEETS exhibition

For the exhibition SWEETS: overview, insights, outlook space&matter reconstructed and brought together the twenty-seven bridge houses of Amsterdam. The bridge-houses offer a romantic and fascinating narrative into the urban context of a city that is deeply connected to its waterways. Ranging from the early 20th century, when Amsterdam’s Public Works Department decided to weave a citywide aesthetic in street furniture and bridge works, all the way to the current brutalistic and high-tech bridge-house designs.  

Along with a photographic portrait the observant visitor was able to discover the rich stories behind the buildings by using the SWEETS guidebook. Packed with facts, infographics, photographs and essays about the twenty-seven gems. The minimal look of the models, stripped down to the essence, made comparing easy and accessible. 

Cover page of Sweets Publication

Apart from looking back the future possibilities where discovered through the Get Yourself an Attitude workshops conducted in collaboration with Beata Labuhn. This ‘Outlook’ formed an important part of the exhibition. On the basis of a series of debates and workshops with students (from Aachen, La Paz, Madrid and Delft) and professionals, space&matter defined a toolbox/vocabulary for transformation strategies. The results were displayed as part of a growing exhibition. 

During the exhibition space&matter provided opportunities to view Amsterdam’s canals from a unique angle, by means of a tour of discovery - by bicycle, boat or on foot – past the city’s bridge control buildings. The exhibition drew a lot of international attention, more then 5000 visitors came to discover the tasteful SWEETS.



Concept and exhibition design

ARCAM, Amsterdam