As architects we love investing our time in design challenges. In competitions we create fantastic proposals that could put us on the map, but unfortunately in design competitions there is only one winner. So most of our time and ideas have no impact at all…

Wouldn’t we rather invest our time in challenges where we can all win? Challenges that really matter and where our efforts would actually make a difference. Worldwide there are so many urgent matters that would really profit from spatial expertise and design.

Displaced households that need shelter;
Post disaster areas that need reconstruction;
Or areas at risk of flooding in need of smart, preventative measures.

Imagine the impact our collective competition time will have if it is spent on such urgencies? Doing so would even lead to new collaborations and business opportunities.

Time for Impact is an online platform where global challenges come to the front and call for your action. Propose a project or join others to collectively take on a challenge. Online you develop your initiative together with your peers…

When your mission is clear, you launch a campaign to collect skills, network and funding. Backed up with the right support you will realize your ambitions while helping those in need. Not by competing but by collaborating we can ALL be winners.

So join us on and together we will turn your ideas into action!




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Time for impact… - investing time where it is needed most -