Urban Eindhoven

This former power plant in the Strijp S district in Eindhoven is one of the most prominent buildings in the city. The building excels in functionality and in aesthetic prevalence. No fuss, no picturesque cosy, but raw industry in its purest form. Due to a limited budget the emphasis will lie on reprogramming rather then on designing a complete new building. 

The vacant building is the perfect backdrop for new ideas, urban art and sport; Skate park, BMX park, Graffiti, Urban Art, Street Theatre, Boulder gym, Institution for urban culture, Art, Dance and Music are all activities that make up a fitting new collective.

 The different (sport) landscapes are interlaced to offer enough volume and height, creating an interwoven communal space for different activities and user groups. By opening up the concrete floor in specific areas the height of the ground floor can be increased to the required 6m for climbing. These extended volumes pop out and will be enwrapped by skate-ramps. With this basic intervention the space will be suitable for all parties, and the different sport clubs can build their required fill-ins themselves.




concept transformation

Strijp S, Eindhoven



City of Eindhoven