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About Us


By origin, Space&Matter is an architecture office, but we do much more than just designing buildings... Aside from designing at all scales, we create urban development strategies; make online platforms; and even initiate new business ventures. Everything we do is always focused on improving the built environment and promoting a cohesive society. 



Designing for Impact


The impact of our work is what matters most to us. We strongly believe that architectural design can do more than 'just' turn heads. A smart design approach can trigger innovations and contribute to financial, environmental and social improvements.

We have a large toolbox of design skills to create clever concepts, inclusive design strategies and innovative businesses models.

>  Check out CrowdBuilding or WeBuildhomes



How we work...


We take on every challenge with an open mind and entrepreneurial mentality. We have a hands on approach to almost everything and love to initiate projects that matter. 

Creating meaningful projects requires early stage involvement and commitment until the end. The earlier we start the more value we can add…

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