Creating a new city district

Beekkwartier is part of the new district Stadsoevers in Roosendaal, a city with a rich and interesting history situated in the south of the Netherlands. The city wants to transform what is now an industrial area into an inviting and inspiring neighbourhood filled with remarkable buildings of diverse styles and materials. Sustainability is a key priority, as is the desire to create a place specifically for curious people who want to be close to nature but also crave the liveliness of the city. 

“This plan fits perfectly with our ambitions for Stadsoevers and brings us that much closer to making true on our promises to the city. It raises the bar for all future developments in this beautiful area.”
— Councilman Toine Theunis

A lively neighbourhood with colourful blocks

Inspired by the city’s ambitions, we set out to design a lively neighbourhood that could accommodate a wide range of people. We designed three blocks within Beekblokken, each with a slightly different composition, varied typologies and a unique lived experience. This way, future residents can choose for themselves how they want to live: in a bustling city-like block closer to the city centre, or more quietly and privately, closer to the new park.  

To design three distinct yet connected blocks, we paid careful attention to the balance between density, building mass and green spaces. There are deliberate contrasts between open and closed spaces, high and low buildings, dry and wetlands. At the same time, vast permeable areas for water retention connect these distinct areas both visually and physically, and an abundance of greenery is incorporated in public spaces, green squares, gardens and collective courtyards.

The Court block, closest to the city, is the most urban in character. It is made up of multi-apartment blocks situated around a large courtyard area and public space. The garden block is the intermediate zone that connects groundbound dwellings through a collective garden. This block is characterised by a large collective deck that acts as a meeting place for the residents. The Park block is the most traditional, made up of individual family dwellings, each with its own entranceway and immediate outdoor space.

Designed to unite people and nature

Regardless of where or how people live, a connection with nature is essential in Beekkwartier. Green pathways integrate and embellish nature, but also connect the residents with each other and with the new park on the neighbourhood’s western periphery. 

With a nature-inclusive design approach, we ensure that this greenery also welcomes new plant, insect and bird species. Taken as a whole, the neighbourhood functions as a connection zone, linking the city to the new residential district. Completed in 2022, Beekkwartier is ready for a green, inspirational and wholesome future.