Inclusive strategies

We all know that systems need to change, but we don’t always know how or even where to begin. We specialise in bringing disparate people, organisations and ideas together to define complex challenges and visualise solutions. With our joint expertise in urban development, community engagement and architecture, we guide decision-making amongst complex stakeholder groups using both online and offline workshops. Once we’ve determined where to go, we guide you through the process of getting there.




Process & workshop facilitation

Trend reports


Through a series of talks and online workshops, we determine a vision that all are excited to implement.

We create strategies that improve the lives of people and the liveability of cities

Adaptive buildings

Our approach to architecture includes both the physical and the non-physical. We design buildings together with future residents, working together to create places that people love to call home. At the same time, we look beyond the immediate boundaries of any given building. We see architecture as an opportunity to build community, work towards a circular economy and assume responsibility towards the living environment. In the end, we create buildings that enable change in all levels of society and that teach us how we can live together - now and in the future.


Spatial design


Feasibility study

Plot passport

Object One

We design buildings that solve problems and reshape what architecture can be

Resilient neighbourhoods

We use participatory urban planning to co-create circular neighbourhoods in which people from all walks of life can thrive. In a thriving neighbourhood, services like energy, water, mobility and waste are shared, resources circulate at their highest value and daily life is within walking distance. This strengthens human relationships, making the community as a whole more resilient. Driven by the needs of communities and the environment, we deliver comprehensive master plans across a variety of sectors and scales.

Circular area development


Urban planning

Feasibility study


We develop neighbourhoods that thrive within planetary boundaries

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