How we work

To optimize the potential for positive impact, we work preferably from the initial stages of a project with our clients. Working closely from the start means we can ensure that the design is not only beautiful but also sustainable, efficient and socially responsible.

Thinking long-term

We are inspired by the Doughnut model from British economist Kate Raworth. The model is a visual representation of a new economic mindset. We use it as a framework guiding us towards <span class="underline pink">creating communities that can contribute to economic and social development</span> while still respecting the limits of the planet and our society. For all its benefits we propose to apply the Doughnut as our compass within the built environment to navigate the unpredictable future.

Our Neighbourhood Stack

We believe that if we want to realize truly socially and environmentally responsible places to live, we need to look across <span class="underline blue">all layers of the built environment</span>. By rethinking the way we finance, own and govern buildings, public spaces and services, we can shift decision-making power to residents and end users, embedding long-term thinking into design, development, and management processes.

We believe that the most significant changes come from people and communities in particular. That is why people are at the heart of, and a driving force behind all our projects.

What we do

Our focus areas include innovative district design, sustainable neighbourhoods, and community-led initiatives.

Action research

We bring together research, testing and community involvement. In close collaboration with local communities <span class="underline pink">we connect grassroots movements with decision-makers and businesses</span> to facilitate positive change and ensure that we address real-world issues and provide actionable outcomes.

Strategic design

We connect different elements and turn our sustainability knowledge, research, and vision into practical and tangible concepts. We also apply <span class="underline green">systems thinking</span> to gain an understanding of how factors are interconnected, to identify underlying causes, and <span class="underline green">create holistic solutions</span>.


We provide clients with expert advice to develop sustainable solutions through <span class="underline blue">collaborative workshops and co-design processes</span>. This enables us to share our knowledge and have a greater impact on creating socially and environmentally responsible neighbourhoods, communities, and spaces.

We bring together all of the ideas and concepts that we have been working on for the last decade - community, collaboration, and circularity.

Our services

Our services help creatives and communities within the built environment co-create sustainable and innovative spatial and strategic concepts

Innovative spatial concepts

We help initiators, businesses and communities to co-create sustainable, innovative spatial and strategic concepts. As part of the Space&Matter ecosystem, we are able to work with strategic designers, architects and urban designers to translate ambitious future visions into innovative concepts. The lab works with a holistic approach, that includes research, co-creative workshops and strategic design to develop <span class="underline blue">future scenarios, roadmaps and visual representations</span> of intangible ideas and concepts that help the client to widely communicate the outcomes.

Community engagement

We specialise in facilitating collaborative processes for businesses, non-profits and grassroot organisations, that bring together stakeholders from both top-down and bottom-up perspectives. By doing so, we are able to not only enhance <span class="underline pink">community involvement</span>, but also develop ideas and scenarios responding to local challenges and opportunities. Our approach is focused on <span class="underline pink">fostering collective engagement, sharing inspiration, knowledge</span>, and experience to create an inclusive outcome that is widely supported by future users and residents.

Accelerating transition

We have broad expertise within the field of circular, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible built environment. We offer consultancy services for creatives, designers, architects and consultants to provide a comprehensive understanding of innovations within in spatial and strategic projects. We motivate and inspire socially and environmentally responsible design through providing <span class="underline red">workshops, lectures, and public speaking</span> - sharing our knowledge to create a greater impact.

Scaling-up and improving the social and environmental impact of CLTs
We co-create strategies, buildings and neighbourhoods designs, with communities and future users to build strong and fair cities.

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