“Creating a future circular city can’t be done alone and requires likeminded, passionate and talented entrepreneurs, innovators and experts to join forces!”
— NBSO Los Angeles

1 — Forming an innovation ecosystem

We formed an ecosystem of innovative Dutch companies specialising in circular urban development with a shared mission to match their ambitions with a bold vision for the future of cities in the Netherlands and the USA. This coalition of companies represents the best of systemic circular economy innovation across a diverse range of domains including water, materials, food, housing, energy and public space. By working together, we offer a holistic approach to neighbourhood development that maximises the value of resources and minimises waste. 

2 — Virtual mission for a thriving circular city

In April 2021, the group embarked on a virtual mission to the US West coast, supported by the RVO, Holland Circular Hotspot, and the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco. Their collective vision on a thriving circular city was shared and Space&Matter facilitated panel debates on the state of the circular economy in California and Arizona. Additionally, they conducted an online interactive workshop to explore how Culver City might become the first circular city within Los Angeles.

Online workshop facilitated on Zoom and Miro board

“In the circular neighbourhood of the future, residents are more connected to what they’re eating because they actually see it grow. By taking a systems approach we can grow locally using significantly less water and land.”

Experience life in the circular city of the future

The insights from the online sessions were translated into a video sharing a visual representation of how the circular city of the future can look like through the eyes of a resident in California. You can see how cutting-edge innovations in the fields of sustainability, architecture, and urban planning come together to make a place in which both people and the planet flourish. 

Circular City 2030: A Dutch vision of the circular neighborhood of the future