Inviting plinth

In the plinth, that makes up the bottom two layers, there will be an educational programme that includes activities and hospitality where the latest techniques in combination with ancient crafts are made easily accessible. A place for children, local residents, visitors and professionals to invent, playfully discover and learn.

Residents are actively involved in the design process, fostering a tight-knit community deeply connected to their living environment. The project, with up to 15 dwellings, provides residents ample space to tailor homes according to the preferences.

Recognisable character

The six-storey building has carefully chosen rhythms of openings with a nod to Delft's rich past. A crown layer of townhouses recedes two metres to provide space for a roof terrace and connects to the massing of the urban plan. Varied brick bonds give tactility and texture to the facade. Fully glazed corners and slight cantilevers of successive layers give the design a subtle and recognisable character.

The assessment committee highly praised the design of 'Het LeeuwenDeel' and awarded the design with the maximum possible score. Common City developed the project in collaboration with Space&Matter and DGMR. The parties look forward to working with the municipality of Delft in the coming years. Interested people can sign up on housing platform to participate.

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