“We strongly believe that every city should have an Object One. They won’t look the same thanks to the distinct processes and people behind it, and therein exactly lies its strength.”
— Sascha Glasl, co-founder Space&Matter

Flexible yet structured

Object One was designed in response to a competition for the Havenkwartier in Deventer. We believe that all cities should have a building that can easily be adapted and transformed by residents: cities are works in progress, after all, and our buildings should accommodate that flexibility. 

Object One was inspired by the desire to create a simple yet highly functional building, on the one hand, and by the values of the future residents, on the other. The target group we had in mind is one that desires and cherishes flexibility and diversity in their living environment. The Smartframe we designed thus had to reflect and contribute to their need for creativity, liveliness and self-development. The base, in particular, had to be both attractive and robust: a solid construction that can deliver the flexibility future residents desire. 

A stack of free lots

Object One can best be described as a stack of free lots connected via a Smartframe. Future residents can choose from three unit types: single-layer units where a house of 2.80 meters of free height can be built, double-layer units for houses of 5.80 m free height or top-floor units with a sloping roof for solar panels. 

Residents are then free to design and realise their own home within the smart frame, helped along by their very own architect and construction party. Alternatively, they can choose from a number of basic designs that are offered with a fixed construction price. These standard designs are delivered casco so that residents can still design their interior in whatever way they want.

Green, open and playful

In order to create clarity for all residents (and the neighbourhood) about the possibilities and impossibilities of Object One, clear rules of play were drawn up in a so-called ‘plot passport’. An image quality plan was made in consultation with the residents. 

The large degree of freedom offered by the Smartframe allows for a mix of small and large dwellings, some available for purchase and some for rental. This diversity makes Object One accessible to every budget and consequently to a wide variety of (future) residents. By designing outdoor space along the corridors, we automatically create openness and light in the building. Irrespective of the residents’ home choices, we create a building that is green, open and playful. 

“Just like a city, Object One is never finished. Similarly, Object One lives, is used for a while, and changes as the needs and wishes of residents change.”
— Sascha Glasl, co-founder Space&Matter

Easy access

To contribute to the creation of a lively neighbourhood, we introduced an elevated ground level on top of the parking box. By means of multifunctional stairs on both sides of the building, people have free access to this spacious wooden deck. There, residents and locals alike can eat, play and work on one of the ping-pong or picnic tables and enjoy views of the city. 

Even though we won the competition for the Havenkwartier with Object One, the realisation of Object One on this site could not take place due to external circumstances. We are currently looking for other suitable locations on which to develop Object One.