“A source of inspiration, the Urban Food Hub is as much about closing local resource loops as it is about educating people about the value of circular food production.”
— Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder Space&Matter

Turning waste into resources

While global demand for food is on the rise, an estimated third of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste. The Urban Food Hub addresses these challenges by transforming local food waste into the water and energy required to power the vertical farm cells and nourish its crops. 

Composed of biobased, circular materials, the Urban Food Hub boasts a modular design, with some floors reserved for farm cells and greenhouses, others for a restaurant, research lab, or community centre. This flexibility allows the Hub to easily meet the diverse needs of neighbourhoods across the world and become a place that is accessible and inviting to all. 

But the Urban Food Hub does much more than just produce leafy greens in a highly efficient, low-cost, low energy manner. It is designed to be a source of inspiration, a visible place where community members learn what healthy food is and how it can be responsibly produced, now and in the future.

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