Bespoke architecture

Situated along the Westlandgracht in the West of Amsterdam, WLG offered residents the freedom to design the layout and infill of their apartments themselves. As architects, we ‘merely’ guided residents through the design process, enabling them to create places that perfectly suit their needs. 

WLG’s design is both robust and transparent; by incorporating brick, concrete and large windows, we provide a modern and urban look. All apartments, regardless of the size or layout, have a free ceiling height of three meters and large balconies with integrated planter boxes. The building has a shared space on the ground floor which contains a guest house and a lounge that can be used for drinks, meetings and as a home office.

"WLG is filled with great neighbours and good people, and we like to think that the architecture has been the catalyst for this outcome."
— Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder Space&Matter

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