From old to new

The Old Fashion School consists of two contemporary buildings, one completed in 1914 and the other in 1969. Both parts contained spacious classrooms with high ceilings and large windows, forming a unique basis for the realisation of this noteworthy multi-residential building. 

Future residents played a central role in the design process. Besides being given the freedom to design the infill of their own apartments, they came together to determine the design of the various shared spaces, which include a spacious living and dining room, guest room and roof terrace. 

Sustainable makeover

The entire building received a comprehensive, sustainable makeover: we replaced the windows, insulated the walls and installed a solar-powered heating and cooling system. These adjustments not only have a positive impact on the environment but also increase the long-term affordability for residents. 

In total, the building contains 25 units in a variety of sizes, all with ceiling heights of 4,5 meters. The high ceilings grant residents the freedom to build additional mezzanines and fully customise the infill of their apartments. Apartment sizes range between 44 and 218 square meters, thereby welcoming a diverse community of residents.

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