"I believe Community Land Trust model is a promising alternative to the current mainstream real estate development. A model that ensures community involvement, design for long-term and better social and environmental outcomes for our neighbourhoods and cities."
— Aga Biedalak, Research and Innovation lead Space&Matter

1 — Co-creating a vision for a European Network 

Space&Matter, AndThePeople, and Community Land Trust Brussels formed a joint collaboration. For over a year, we have been working closely to bring local CLTs together and co-created a shared vision for the future of European CLTs. Through our Steering Committee, future Members meetings, and workshops, we have collaborated to rethink the way we develop, own and steward community-led housing projects in Europe.

2 — Social and environmental impact of the CLT model

CLTs have unique features such as community involvement in planning and design, and long-term stewardship that promote affordability and allocation policies. These characteristics make CLTs an ideal opportunity to promote positive social and environmental impacts. Our research has identified numerous social, environmental, and economic benefits associated with CLTs. This opens doors for future work on impact measurement, case studies, and the potential for impact investment opportunities offered by CLTs.

3 — Site visits and knowledge exchange

We collaborated with our project partners to organise field trips to Brussels and Amsterdam, where we visited community-led housing projects, housing cooperatives, CLTs, and ecologically sustainable area developments. This provided a valuable opportunity for CLT members across Europe to share their insights, knowledge and inspiration with one another. 

“CLT owners report having more time and resources to pursue desired activities than do market owners”
— Jakob Kendall Schneider, PhD Candidate Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Strong movement, spreading positive impact

We have created the European Community Land Trust Network with the mission of enabling the growth of CLTs across Europe and helping them maximise their long-term social and environmental impact. We have secured funding for the initial stages of operation, to develop a business plan and roadmap for the future growth of the network across the continent. Our collective vision is for CLTs to become a mainstream option for affordable, inclusive, and sustainable land use and housing throughout Europe, demonstrating innovative approaches to delivering both social and environmental impact.

Interested? Find out more about the European CLT Network here

Website of the European CLT Network