"Together with the police station and the mosque, a closed building block is created which, on the one hand, gives a clear definition to the Augus Allebéplein and, on the other hand, thanks to its active plinth, makes a lively contribution to the square and its surroundings.”
— Marthijn Pool, co-founder Space&Matter

The heart of the community

Composed of fifteen 50m2 and five 70m2 adaptable apartments, August&Ally is designed to give residents the freedom and ability to live happily and comfortably in their old age. Spread out over three floors, the apartments are connected via broad, staggered balconies and galeries which can all be easily reached via spacious stairwells and offer an alternative attractive secondary circulation route along various houses and collective outdoor spaces offering different possibilities for interaction between the inhabitants.

On the ground floor, a communal living room provides residents with the ability to eat, drink, relax or play games together. The living room doubles as a recreational centre where diverse workshops and classes that are open to both tenants and other members of the community can be frequently organised. 

To improve the quality of life for residents and increase biodiversity, we implemented a nature-inclusive design approach. Lush balconies and rainproof rooftop gardens provide living space for insects and birds with nesting boxes and insect walls. Abundant greenery in and near the building allow August&Ally to play an important role as a green nexus on August Allebéplein. 

“I love the idea of having my own private living space and knowing that I’m surrounded by people like me. In my previous home, I often felt lonely. In August & Ally, I will be able to chat with my neighbours every day.”
— A future tenant of August & Ally