“Oostenburgereiland is a place where many people will feel at home, its residents, regardless of their background, drawn to the site’s rugged, robust and promising character.”
— Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder Space&Matter

An integral approach

We believe that Oostenburgereiland has the potential to be the kind of place where many kinds of people can thrive. Eight highrises contain a multiplicity of apartment types, and while each of them has its own unique characteristics, all of them are built using recycled materials and reference the industrial buildings that once stood where they now stand. 

All structures were designed to be socially, financially and environmentally sustainable. An integral design approach forces us to do more than just design energy-neutral, rainproof buildings. It forces us to design buildings and places where people can come together and form tight-knit communities, where they can move around effortlessly and where nature and biodiversity are celebrated.