“A colourful assortment of housing types transforms Sloterdijk from a nonfunctional district into a multifunctional area that celebrates the neighbourhood’s diversity of residents.”
— Tjeerd Haccou, co-founder Space&Matter

Celebrating nature

The integration and celebration of nature plays a central role in the design. Its presence re-energises Sloterdijk, creates a pleasant, healthy living environment for tenants, accommodates a large diversity of flora and fauna, and functions as an integral space for water storage. 

Brettenbuurt is composed of five mini-neighbourhoods that are connected via green, shared outdoor spaces. Each unit composed of a different type of home, residents are free to move to a different part of the building as their living requirements change. A shell-state plinth on the ground floor whose infill is determined by residents and (local entrepreneurs) further contributes to the liveliness of the building and the streets below.

“Brettenbuurt is a place for pioneers, for entrepreneurial, adventurous people who are passionate about sustainability and community-living.”
— Martijn Pool, co-founder Space&Matter

Giving back

By closing energy, material and water loops and employing the latest sustainable technologies, Brettenbuurt is not just self-sufficient but actually generates energy. The building is composed of sustainable, reusable materials and its residents understand and value the role they play in this circular community. 

The tripartite composition of Brettenbuurt — an industrial plinth, one urban and one more rustic tower — allows it to act as a connection point between the various surrounding areas. Taken as a whole, this structure contributes to the creation of a resilient, thriving neighbourhood.

“Like before, Sloterdijk will become a true melting pot. Living, working, residing: everything comes together in this new sustainable neighbourhood.”
— City of Amsterdam