“I would like to live in an urban high-rise tower that feels like a village.”
— Naleye Buddista, initiator of The Urban Tree Village

New ways of living together

In the Urban Tree Village, we zoom in on and make use of the best aspects of shared living. Composed of architecturally distinct blocks, residents live together in diverse communities, composed of people that share certain values, interests or lifestyles, which strengthens their sense of belonging.  

These groups are, in turn, actively involved in the design process and choose what facilities they want to share in designated co-spaces. There also exist larger collective spaces like the plinth and rooftop garden that are open to the public. Here, all residents and members of the broader community can come together. 

Importantly, we also documented how this community could be realistically created. Like-minded individuals and families are first brought into contact with each other via an online platform. Then, they are brought together in real life to co-create their dream homes and determine what facilities they want to share, be that a gym, vegetable garden or daycare. 

Reshuffling floorplan layout for community space.
“Inspired by the benefits of co-living, this was a unique opportunity for us to design future ways of living and building.”
— Lidia Egorava, project lead Space&Matter